hand made patina calfskin watch strap , each strap is unique and 100 % made in France 

You could have some variation +/- dark for expemple , please let us  know what you re looking for 

they are  very comfortable look and feel to compliment any vintage watch . Patina  strap is perfect for any Chrono and will feel light on your wrist.

Delivery time on stock  or 2 to 3 week (time to made strap and made patina sent message to have delivery time ) 

Made in France in our workshop.

color : Navy Blue

lining végétal leather 
Length: standard or small .
Tickness 2.3 mm 

Please note that colours can vary slightly to the ones shown as each hide is unique.


Hand made Navy blue patina watch strap

Width & Length
Quick release spring bars
  • Length mm  Length in  Wrist size mm 
    105/70 4.13/2.47 149 mm to 184 mm 
    115/75 4.53 / 2.95 163 mm to 205 mm 


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