Suede calfskin brown   vintage-inspired straps for your vintage watch , lining végétal leather .


We love vintage driver  look, really nice with one heuer or spedmaster vintage  .

longueur standard 115/75 Small 105/70

18,19,20,21,22 et 16 à la boucle

20/18 buckle
Option Quick release spring bars (no tool needed to mount your watchstrap)

color Tan 

Please note that colours can vary slightly to the ones shown as each hide is unique.

Suede calfkin Brown racing watch strap

Width & Length
Quick release spring bars
  • Length mm  Length in  Wrist size mm 
    105/70 4.13/2.47 149 mm to 184 mm 
    115/75 4.53 / 2.95 163 mm to 205 mm