Luxury shell cordovan bourbon , lining vegetal leather   
Amazing leather .

Do not confuse shell cordovan and cordovan , shell cordovan is the finest horse leather .

it s Special tanning and take patina with age , this leather is also very durable 
100% hand made in France 
Hand Made in France in our workshop.

standard lenght  or Small 

large :18,19,20,21,22 and 16 buckle

20/18 buckle
color : bourbon

lining : végetal leather 


Please note that colours can vary slightly to the ones shown as each hide is unique.

Shell cordovan bourbon

Width & Length
Quick release spring bars
  • Length mm  Length in  Wrist size mm 
    105/70 4.13/2.47 149 mm to 184 mm 
    115/75 4.53 / 2.95 163 mm to 205 mm